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Jarís Dean

Executive Director

Jarís Dean is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, leader and Norristown, Pa native. His path has been unorthodox, to say the least. He attended Delaware State University and Montgomery County Community College, and majored Mass Communications/TV productions. His love for filming and editing was sparked by John Doyle at Norristown Area High School in 2004. After realizing that traditional education did not best suite his learning style, Jarís began searching for his identity and purpose. 


His God-given passion to create and desire to fulfill the call that God has placed on his life led to the exploration of the his talents and innate gifts - such as song writing and rapping, videography, and production curation. Jarís created a tv show called "Can We Talk" which aired on the Norristown Area School District channel for two seasons. He also made one full length music project and created a company called Let's Create Change Production - which provided videography and graphic design services.  


In 2014 Jarís got the vision of Life University, which officially became LifeYou Company in 2020. As Jarís continued to grow in his relationship with Jesus, he has increasingly rolled out the vision of LifeYou - which is a Lifestyle Production Company with a mission of helping all find their God-given identity, purpose and path. In 2021 Jarís founded LifeYou Gives, which is the Giving branch of LifeYou Company. LifeYou Gives became an official 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in August of 2022. 

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