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We would love your support. LifeYou Gives is regularly seeking the following donations that help support our families in need.

Your giving will help in the following ways:

Our Mission

Donate Dry Goods

LifeYou Gives sorts, packages and ships the following types of products to Jamaica and Honduras for those families in need:

  • Gently use and new clothing and shoes

  • Non-perishable foods

  • Toiletries

  • Other basic necessities

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Buy A Barrel

A contribution of $175 will cover the costs associated with purchasing and shipping of one 55 gallon corrugated cardboard barrel of merchandise to Jamaica or Honduras.  

Support a Scholar

Your donation can go directly to supporting a Young Scholar's of your choice's future by furthering their education beyond high school. Alternatively, a general donation can support the mission and will be dispersed accordingly. 


We Need Your Support Today!

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