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Mel King


Mr. King has been an Engineer, Department Controller, Business

Manager, Information Technology Manager and consultant,

Executive Vice President of Witmer Public Safety Group, a

distributor of public safety equipment. Reporting to the President

of a Mid-sized company with four Vice-Presidents as direct

reports. And in his recent capacity, serves as President of Mr.

Sticky’s, a family owned food retailer. Wherever Mr. King has

been employed, he has made an exceptional impact on the



While in the Air Force he was Airman of the month for his unit and

nominated to represent the base for Airman of the Year. 

At Hughes Aircraft he became a senior negotiator (although he was not in

contracts) as a result of his knowledge of engineering and finance. He also

was the lead person to represent the company with the Defense Contract

Audit Agency (again fulfilling a function not in his job description).

At Lockheed Martin, Mr. King was asked to join the Quality Organization, as

the Business Manager, to help mitigate a projected $14 million over-run.

Implementing various cost controls, policies, and procedures, to permit the

projected over-run to be eliminated, and resulted in a $200K under-run

within 12 months.

At IBM, Mr. King was rated a level 1 Senior Consultant and was recognized

as one of 300 consultants (out of 30,000) at a recognition ceremony for

outstanding performance.

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